Staff Profile

This year, Hallett Cove East Primary School has a Principal, Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing Leader and Coordinator in IT/e-Learning who make up the leadership team. There are also 20 Teachers and 11 School Services Officers. We also have a Pastoral Care Worker, who works for 8 hours per week. We have a Canteen that currently operates daily with a Canteen Manager.

Leadership Structure

The Principal has line management of all Primary and Middle Years teachers, the Japanese and Arts teachers. The Principal is responsible for management of all programs and
systems in the school but has a particular focus on training and development, implementation of new
programs and curricula and implementing the teaching and learning improvement foci identified in the
Site Plan. The Principal also has line management of the Business Manager and OSHC Directors.
The Deputy Principal has line management of all Early Years teachers and the PE/Science Specialist
teacher. The Deputy Principal works in partnership with the Principal in all areas of the school
management processes but has a particular focus in Special Education/Students at Risk. The Student Wellbeing Leader leads the school with the implementation of the Be You Framework and Social and Emotional Learning programs.
The IT/e-Learning Coordinator develops IT general capability aspects of the Australian Curriculum and supports teachers to develop IT skills and e-Learning strategies with students. He also liaises with the IT SSO, IT contractor and Principal regarding ongoing improvements to the school’s IT hardware, software and other requirements.Aside from her Finance, Administration and facilities management roles, the Business Manager is responsible for line management of all SSO’s and the Groundsperson.

Staff Teams

Staff work collaboratively as a whole and within Teams. We have 4 Learning Teams: Early Years,
Primary Years, Middle Years and Specialists. They are also encouraged to work as teams of two or three
within their houses and work areas. A Buddy Class program exists across the school. Older and
younger buddy classes meet regularly to participate in activities and present assemblies. Staff liaise
directly with the Leader responsible for their level of schooling. We also have Teams for Leadership
and SSOs. There are also 3 Professional Learning Communities looking at pedagogical change processes. This year the foci re Reading, numeracy and Wellbeing.
PLC’s ensure that each section of the Site Plan is effectively managed.

Specialist Staff

The school has specialist teachers in Japanese, The Arts, PE and Science. Access is provided to Speech Pathologists,
Psychologists, Behaviour Support coordinators and any other appropriate resource people as
required for students identified as needing support.