Subject Offerings

In 2013, specialist programmes are provided in Japanese (2 x 45 min), The Arts – Music or Drama (2 x 45 min Yrs R-4), PE (1 x 45 min) and Science (2 x 45mins Yrs 5-7) lessons per week. Students also have another lesson once a fortnight that is determined according to which NIT teacher provides it.

In 2013 we are again fortunate to have the support of a Literacy Coach who works with 4 teachers in Yrs 3-7 over the year looking at ways to improve literacy, and particularly Reading, across the curriculum. A Reading Focus Teacher is also being released one day per week with the aim to
similarly support teachers in Yrs R-2.

Teaching Methodology

The Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) document and Australian Curriculum are in use for all planning of teaching and Learning programs in English, Mathematics, Science and History with SACSA Frameworks being utilised for those areas not yet available in the Australian Curriculum. Teachers work in the teams to plan using the Learning by Design model. In 2013 we have a focus on Reading and have implemented a lesson uninterrupted R-7 Reading block. Teachers are currently developing Reading approaches that include the Big 6 and particularly Comprehension. (There is also an extra two lesson uninterrupted Literacy and Numeracy block to support the delivery of Maths and other aspects of English in each section of schooling.)

In 2013 we have commenced the development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with the focus on Digital Literacy, Reading, Community/Parent Partnerships and Differentiation with a focus on students with high intellectual potential. Teachers work in one of these PLCs to develop an aspect of their own learning towards a whole school R-7 improvement focus.