Student Leadership

In keeping with our lighthouse theme, our Student Representative Council members are known as Lighthouse Keepers.

Two Lighthouse Keepers are elected to represent each class for each semester every year. All LHK class reps for the year are inducted at an assembly at the start of the year. Light House Keepers meet regularly, raising class based issues to be discussed, providing feedback and developing proposals for staff and Governing Council about a range of issues.

We also have a Lighthouse Keeper Executive and Wellbeing Leader Team made up of Year 7 students. The Executive and Wellbeing Leaders play an important role at the school, acting as positive role models, being involved in decision making, assisting in running assemblies and leading student voice in key areas. All LHK Executive and Wellbeing Leaders are inducted at an assembly and then at the AGM each year.

All Year 7 students also participate in a School Leaders program. Teachers train Year 7s in skills of communication, teaming, listening, problem solving etc. They then work with small groups of students in all classes across the school to develop and embed a range of initiatives. Initially focus has been on the implementation of the Values throughout the school. This year the focus will be on teaching students to give feedback to inform learning.

All older classes are also buddied with a younger class. The buddy classes meet regularly to engage in a number of activities to develop positive relationships between older and younger students. Buddy classes present one assembly a year and may also participate in other activities together.

The partnership leads a program called Student Voice In Learning. School SVIL student representatives are trained by partnership leaders to develop initiatives in schools focusing on creating authentic student voice looking at ways to recognise and increase intellectual strength in and give feedback about learning.