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Welcome to Hallett Cove East Primary School. HCEPS is not a zoned school and we welcome new families throughout the year. Families who live in our area have automatic rights to enrolment regardless of whether the year levels affected have vacancies or are full. Even though HCEPS is not a zoned school and we do endeavour to enrol all new students regardless of where they live, if affected year level classes are already full and potential enrolling families live outside our area, we may not be able to accept the enrolment. In terms of class numbers, priority is given to families who live in our area.

If your child already attends school in South Australia, Australia or overseas, to enrol her/him at HCEPS, you can either complete the Enrolment Query form below that will be emailed direct to our front office team, or, you can ring the school on (08) 8322 3677. In either case, one of the Leadership Team members will be alerted, and will then contact you to organise a time for an enrolment tour and discussion. As part of the enrolment process you will be asked to show proof of age for your child, generally a birth certificate or passport. If there is a Custody Order in place, this will also need to be sighted. Under normal circumstances, once the tour and discussion have happened, students can generally start school from the next day.

There is only one Reception intake each year in January. Only those children who turn 5 before May 1st can be enrolled to start school in January. If a child turns 5 on or after May 1st, s/he will begin school in the following year.
If your child is about to start Reception at school from pre-school, the enrolment process is generally part of the Transition program undertaken in the final term the child is in pre-school. The school and local pre-schools, (Hallett Cove Karrara Kindergarten and Hallett Cove Pre-School), work together to manage and deliver a transition program. This involves parent meetings led by Leadership Team members at school first followed by students visiting on one morning each week for 3 weeks with visits increasing from one to three hours duration. One of the things discussed with parents at the meeting is the enrolment process.
There are also other opportunities for children to visit and participate in school programs as part of the pre-school programs throughout their time in pre-school. Students coming from pre-schools other than the local ones can also participate in Transition. If you are interested in enrolling a child from a pre-school other than those in Hallett Cove, please contact the school in the above manner. If you have come from overseas you will also need to provide your Visa number and type.

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