School fees are set each year by the Governing Council. For 2018 the fees are set at $325

To pay your School or OSHC fees online please visit the Online Payments page.

The money raised by these fees contributes to quality programmes and resources such as library books, computers, sports equipment and student stationary. Students enrolled for part of the school year pay a proportion of the total cost. Parents are invited to discuss any questions or concerns with the Finance Officer.

Parents are also asked to pay an incursion/excursion levy of $50 which covers the cost of students attending excursions and in school performances. Parents are notified of each separate excursion or performance to ensure consent. The payment of this levy alleviates the need to collect several smaller amounts throughout the year.

School Card
 assistance with fees is available for lower income families. This is called the School Card Scheme and it assists in the payment of school fees. The Finance Officers will be able to assist you in this matter, generally Form A is required for your application.  Should you require a  Hardship/Change of Circumstances/Self-employed or Foster/Guardianship application, please contact the finance officer for the appropriate form to complete.

School Card Form A

Where necessary, arrangements can be made for payment of fees/charges to be made by instalments via a direct debit plan. There is no interest charged and the process is confidential. Please contact one of the Finance Officers or the Principal to arrange payment by instalments.